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    • Louise


      "I particularly like getting ideas for outfits as I struggle with that in the shops. I love fashion but with small children I have to be practical so Miss Captain is great and Captain Tortue is brilliant for the kids."

    • Michelle


      "It is fair to say that we all get very excited when Deb comes over with the new collections. It is just so different to shop with someone that you trust and getting her view on what suits us best. We all wear what we buy and that has to be a big difference from shopping mistakes of the past."

    • Julie


      "It was great to have a night out and the clothes are fab, the Consultant was brilliant too. It got me interested in my wardrobe again.  I spent the morning trying on and co-ordinating everything I’ve got, not something I usually have an interest in. Usually I just chuck on the first thing I reach for that doesn’t need ironing. So thanks and I’ll definitely be shopping with you some more!"