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What happens at a style show ?

Your guests will be able to pick up personalised style tips, get ideas for updating their wardrobe, learn how to do layering and how to dress for their lifestyle. All in a guaranteed no-pressure setting. 4 to 6 guests who love clothes is perfect but more or less is fine too. Everyone has the opportunity to try the Collections on.

How can I attend a style show ?

Call your Style Consultant if you have one or complete the contact form to get in touch with us.

What's on the style show Menu?

The Menu is updated at the start of each season, take a look at the current list. Themes can vary between Style Consultants.

How do I host a style show ?

You choose a date with the Style Consultant, start your Wish List and also your Guest List. 4 to 6 friends who love clothes is perfect but more or less works too. Leave the rest to your Consultant.  If you don't have a Consultant, complete the contact form and we will put you in touch with one.