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Do I need to have previous experience of direct selling or working with clothes?

No previous experience required; you just need to be motivated and have a bit of determination. To get off the ground, you will need four friends, ideally who don't know each other - who will support you by hosting a style show  for their friends.

Is there a lot of paperwork to be completed before I can join?

Some, but it’s all very straight forward.

Is there a minimum sales target to reach each month?

There are no monthly targets to be met.

Will I need a car?

Yes you do. Although you will quickly have customers coming to you, you will always need to be able to go out to meet new customers and hold style show s.


The collections are fabulous and with no competitors in direct selling, this really is an amazing opportunity.
 We’re respected members of the Direct Selling Association.
 Women love clothes!

How much can I earn?

The earnings opportunity is almost unlimited and in line with the effort, time and commitment you want to put into it. Average sales are high for the industry and the clothes are easy to sell, so if you concentrate on meeting new customers, rewards can be high.

It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.  Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

Can I really progress and make a go of this business?

Yes you can! Your time and effort will be rewarded.... if you’re self motivated you could even run your own team as a Manager.

What happens at the end of the Season?

If you’ve achieved our Consultant challenge, on top of your commissions earned, you will keep your samples for free... it’s  a bonus! We show you how to sell of your samples at just the right time and either use the sales to pay for your collections (if you have decided not go for the free collection incentive) or the sales are bonus for you. And you can be sure that you will always have wardrobe fit for the catwalk from now!

Do I need to invest any money into my business?

Once you’ve paid for your Start Up Collection, you don’t need to add to it. If you want to get extra second colours or different sizes, we give you an allowance to buy those in at 50% of RRP.

I am slightly hesitant, could I just try it out to see if I like it?

Once you have signed the Agreement, you have 14 days in which you can change your mind and cancel your Collection. If you are unsure, chat to one of us. And start by making a contact list, you are ideally looking for 4 friends (who don't know each other well) who will help you by hosting a show to get you off the ground.

Does being a Consultant require me to work full time?

 Not at all, the role brings great flexibility. Feel free to have it as a part time job or just a hobby to earn a little extra money. 

Can I sell from a web site or a retail shop?

No. Sales are exclusively by our Independent Consultants. Customers who appproach the company directly will be re-directed to a local Consultant.

I am a bit worried I might run out of friends?

All you need is to find the 4 friends who will help you get off the ground by hosting a style show  for their friends. After that, you will make new bookings with friends of friends and soon be meeting new people. The initial 4 friends don't need to be from your close circle, often the best start is when the only person you know is the host. We provide basic training on how to get new bookings, and have a lot of more creative ideas to share with you too.

What happens with returns?

Once you are on-board, you will learn the returns policy and receive training on how to keep your returns to a minimum. We do want all customers to love their clothes and be happy with their order and by far the biggest proportion is an exchange order.

If I need to stop being a Style Consultant, how do I do that?

We have plenty of motivation and enthusiasm to keep you going but if life gets in the way of your plans, you can stop any time. It may mean that you don't meet the incentive to get your collection for free but your sample rail value is so much higher than the cost of the collection, that you are not going to be out of pocket if you sell your samples off.

How much does it cost to get started?

We don’t sell Start Up Collections as such, they are offered to new Consultants who are keen to try out the opportunity to be Style Consultant and happy to attend training. We start at just £150/€200 for a Start Up Collection which will set you up for the first exciting season.