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Captain Tortue Group


    • Suzanne


      "I have hosted several times and enjoy the mix of a social morning or evening, with a relaxed and fun environment to try and buy clothes.  Some styles I wouldn’t even have considered but these clothes are a must to try on!  My friends now know what to expect and I usually have a mix of those very keen and those just popping in for a chat and see what's new.  There are great benefits hosting a party, the only danger is spending a bit more than I meant to as quite a few items are irresistible!"

    • Maxine


      "I work full time and I hate shopping but I actually love clothes, so having an evening with friends being able to try on and get new ideas on how to put things together, is the perfect way to shop for me. Can’t wait to see the new collections."

    • Carole


      "I host a Miss Captain fashion evening every season with girlfriends and we all love it. There's usually 4 or 5 of us, trying on lots of different outfits, swapping pieces and styling new looks for each other – all over a few glasses of wine and lots of laughter. It's such an easy, fun way to buy clothes, we've all become a bit addicted to shopping this way now!"