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How do I plan for my style show ?

It's simple and easy, all it takes is to invite a couple, or 4 to 6 friends who love clothes to your home. The Style Consultant does the rest. Keep refreshments simple, coffee or a drink, we want you to enjoy it too. 

Who should I invite?

Start your Guest List with those you know who love clothes and fashion. We love a small group for the individual attention we can give and the buzz of a larger group.  Plan your date for 2 to 3 weeks ahead at the most. There never is a perfect date for everyone, so go ahead anyway and invite the rest to visit the web site to catch up.

What do I get when I host?

Our Hostesses are our VIP’s, so we treat them like the front row Fashionistas they are. They get generous discounts on all their personal purchases and extra special offers especially for them throughout the season. 

How can I shop?

You won’t find us on the high street and you can’t shop with us on line. We think fashion is personal, so what you will get from us is the friendliest personal shopping experience with inspirational advice and great style ideas. Host a Style Show with a few friends and you shop with your special host discount.