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Top to toe summer style


It was the height of fashion in the 70’s then reserved for lovers of hippie style, the maxi dress is back! It is on our summer essentials list and we want it in our wardrobes!

The maxi dress works for every body shape and isn’t just for tall girls. If you are shorter, then choose a closer fitted style that follows the body.

It is so easy and versatile to wear. I can add leggings or tights for warmth, nobody will ever know.  And it keeps you cool on warm days when you don’t feel up for having your legs on display.

Sophisticated and graphic, fluid and elegant. This really is the perfect look for a summer evening out.




For a more casual style, I love the plain dress in either coral or nude. It goes with absolutely anything, dress it up or down. Add a hat and layered top for a trip to the beach, a long necklace and belt for a walk around town.

Choose gladiator sandals, flip-flops or heels and you will love your maxi this summer.