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The story of Jeans

Whether its coloured jeans, skinny jeans or denim jeans with patches, here is my take on what’s happening with jeans this season.

Denim fabric was invented in Nimes, France and was first used by Levi Strauss in 1853 in the United States to make hard wearing work clothes. Over time the heavy fabric and the addition of metal studs (rivets on the corners of the pockets to prevent the fabric tearing under the weight of the tools) have become fashion details.

Constantly changing through the centuries and generations they have been reinvented in many ways: Baggy, bleached, flares, boot cut, straight, slim, faded, ripped and now with patches.

The designer Philip Lim is behind this latest trend of adding denim patches of different colours on jeans. Whether he is inspired by the 80’s trend of patching the holes in worn jeans or is experimenting with updating unfashionable styles I don’t know…

What I do know however is that 2.3 billion jeans are sold each year worldwide, or 73 pairs of jeans per second!