Captain Tortue Group

Patchwork Trend

Patchwork conjures up feelings of cosy hand carfted quilts. The trend translated into fashion looks very different as you will see in the Miss Captain collection.


Here pactchwork is added to or inserted to create a stylish effect. Using a sophisticated mix of colours, shapes and fabrics with plain colours, we alter the shape and the cut.


I love wearing the top with the overall print and also the less obvious bat wing top with the discreet touches of patchwork.  For just a hint of this trend, try the scarf.



A brief history of Patchwork

Patchwork has been around for centuries as a practical and decorative craft. Using left over pieces of fabric to avoid any waste, they were stitched together to form a single piece.  Lower classes would use simple techniques and cheaper fabrics and those who could afford it would use complicated and expensive fabrics.