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The Need for Tweed



With zips, faux leather details and a bit of sparkle, the tweed jacket is right on trend and bang up to date.

For a casual look, wear the tweed jacket with skinny jeans or for a chic day out pair it with the matching skirt.

With its fabulous detailing you will be ready for anything in this seasons must-have jacket.


So have you got the need for tweed this season?





A little Fashion History


According to legend , the word comes from the word tweel, the Scottish form of twill meaning a wool cross fabric.

It is the tangle of strands of wool of different colours which gives it its unique characteristics : subtle colours and patterns.

Traditional tweed, being waterproof and durable, was much valued for making coats and suits which were ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting or fishing. In the 1950s it was integral to the success of Chanel and has remained a source of inspiration for many designers.


A timeless fabric which is never out of style.