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Make an impression – wear print!


To stand out from the crowd this winter, you need to wear print! Arty, graphic or animal ... prints are a must.


Straight from the canvas and into your wardrobe. Brush strokes or pencil strokes, ultra-modern or a portrait, I wanted to give you something special to cheer up those grey winter days.

The sixties revisited, spots, text ... the graphic print is still very on trend. Stripes and lines are all part of the look. Animal print is back again too. I have a weakness for leopard print on a dress, cardigan and even scarves. I love to show a feminine but rebellious side. A printed colourful dress with stretch and deep dye effects is an up to date version of animal print.



Fashion Facts: used in prehistoric times to keep out the cold,leopard skin was worn by leaders of some African tribes to show their authority. Imported to the West, it became a symbol of the triumph of man over animal.

Revived by Christian Dior in the 50s, it combines chic and luxury. Conversely, it can be more provocative and used to show a rebellious side. It has inspired both Roberto Cavalli and Gianni Versace.
Today, striking and stylish, animal skin print is everywhere.