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The Creative Director

Coming from the Netherlands and living in Provence for years, I find inspiration in lots of places, particularly Amsterdam and The Hague. There are shops of all genres, and so much variety of clothing stores, flea markets, where I can find retro fabrics and plenty of orginal ideas for accessories (buttons etc.). I like the style of the major European capitals and I love visiting to search for ideas for decor, because decor trends are closely related to style trends.


Ses inspirations


The first children’s collection Capt'n Tortue, which I drew in 1993, lived in a corner of our apartment. Ten years later, I created the woman’s line Miss Captain, to meet the needs of the Mum’s, and then finally the arrival of Lady Captain!





Over the years, the Creative Design Team has expanded to stylists and technologists, all fashion enthusiasts who are passionate about our business, which gives us a work atmosphere full of inspiration.


 20 Years after the launch of our first collection, my team and I continue to design the entire range of the collection, here in our office in Aix.  This is what allows me to put the Captain Tortue spirit in to each new collection.