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Captain Tortue celebrates 20 years

We hit the 20 year milestone in 2013 and those years have just flown by!

I drew the sketches for the very first children’s clothes in 1993 - fast forward to where we are now - more than  3000 Consultants showing our collections for women and children all over France and Europe.

At the 20 year point, we took the opportunity to re-evaluate and refresh our brands and collections,  keeping the spirit that is fundamental to our success.
Captain Tortue for children, our heritage and only brand for the first 10 years, becomes Little Captain, with a cleaner and simpler logo. The style will be a little more trendy and pick up on fashion details.
What’s new with our women’s wear? Miss Captain is still the best loved collection, with the usual casual easy to wear style that our customers are so loyal to. To complement Miss Captain, I have created a new collection, Miss Trend. This collection is will have a more creative spirit with fluid materials, graphic prints and elegant lines.